Learning Curve: Monitoring Your Progress

We do follow a learning curve during your lesson time with us to assess your progress in terms of time and cost. It graphically depicts the relationship between cost and output over a specified period of time, usually to represent the repetitive task of a learner.

Learning Curve: Breaking Down

The learning curve is also known as the experience vs. cost curve as it provides measurement and insight into both of the aspects of a learner while he/she is under lesson. A learner, regardless of his/her level of skill, takes a time to grab the techniques how to handle a situation in a specific driving challenge while he/she is driving. Repeating that situation in a well-structured manner under the guidance of a master driving instructor a learner get hold of the task very quickly resulting in minimising the amount of time needed to develop confidence while he/she encounter any challenging situation.

Why we use the Learning Curve

Analysing the learning curve during lesson helps us to depict the cost per unit of driving task over time. We know how much a learner can afford per hour and the cost of developing confidence for a single unit of driving tasks based on a number of hours needed. A highly experienced and expert instructor is able to decrease the costs per unit of your driving tasks over time. Our instructors use the learning curve to conduct, organise, planning, cost forecasting and logistic schedules for the learner driver.